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About Me

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About Me:

    Hello, I am Yu Chen. I am from Huaihua, Hunan, China, and currently live in Los Angeles. For now, I work as an Associate AI Engineer at Infinity Ward developing fun and amazing new Call of Duty games.

    My first time touching video games was when I was 7 years old. My brother had a Nintendo Family Computer, and we used to play games together, like Super Mario Brothers, Battle City, Contra, etc. We both had a dream that we will make a cool game together in the future, which is one part of my motivation of going to Guildhall.

    In 2009, I started writing light novels on the largest online light novel website Called, and later on, I became the website editor for reviewing published novels. At that time, many Chinese light novels were inspired by Japanese animes and galgames, which gave me a general idea about game narratives. This experience firms my goal of being a game developer to make games about my novel stories.


My Interests:

    As a game developer, I spent the majority of my time implementing and researching AI-related topics. I think AI is the one of most important parts of a game that makes the game fun and interesting. A more realistic AI can provide a better narrative, a more beautiful and vivid world, and a better game experience. I am also interested in applying Machine Learning in games.

    Outside of game development, I love watching movies, traveling, cooking, translating mangas from English to Chinese, and of course playing games.

The games I played recently:

  •     League of Legends

  •     Startdrew Valley

  •     Cyberpunk 2077

  •     Anno 1800

  •     Nikke

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